Anonymous asked:

Pick a number, do every ten after it

Wait what Answer:

21. I would love to learn piano. I’ve always loved the sound

31. Swearing in front of mother is a big NO. She would kill me

41. I would rather be blind because I heard that if you lose your sight, the rest of your senses become like hyperactive of everything. But I like seeing too.

callmeherxx asked:

43, 38, and 27

Wait what Answer:

43. If you could live in a book for a day, what book would it be? You know the answer to that one…….it involves a certain kinky gentleman with the last name Grey….

38. If you swear, what is your favorite swear word? DICKBUTT

27. Do you prefer the bustle of the city or the quiet of a small town? Y’know it really depends on the mood i’m in but I love both.